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ATTA PACKAGING BAGS MANUFACTURER IN INDIA Are you interested in some Atta packaging bag? Yes you are on the right platform which is Shankar plastic a complete flexible packaging solution. We are the biggest seller in atta packaging bags from last 25 years. I meet many people daily which are in marketing field and the basic problem with they are facing in atta packaging is that the bag burst at the Drop or used to carry from one place to another. But Shankar plastic challenges everyone in India to give the best quality in this kind of series we have upgraded so much in a printing. The printing used by us is high speed rotogravure machinery. Which give us the best quality in printing. Nowadays we have came up with something new that is the speed of delivery which means that we deliver the order before the date which is given. We never discriminate the quality whether it is a big brand or a small brand. I would like to tell you that we are having 9 colour printing which is fully automatic we just have to feed in computer to see the printing and get the accurate printing this all work is done by just three or four people. As you know time is changing and in future we are coming up with one of the best technology which means to give a biodegradable pouches. I will tell you about more biodegradable purchase in my further updates . For more detail contact us at :-+918079444266 (plz use +91 or 0 before dial no.)
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